VirusShield Eco Bag

100 AED

Our reusable shopping bags are equipped with their own Integrated Square Pouch. With the increased focus on sustainability and the shift away from plastic bags, these Viroblock Eco bags also provide protection against viruses when in a retail environment.

While the fabrics used in other bags can carry bacteria and transfer it home from grocery carts and checkouts these bags are constructed using a coating on the eco friendly fabric that resists these organisms to prevent the transference of germs into your home on your shopping bags.

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Product Features

  • Fibre made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Treated with an anti-microbial wash
  • Integrated pouch

Color: Grey striped
Accreditation for the fabric

Product Benefits

  • Easy fold into the pouch for storage in handbag/car
  • Machine washable

What's In The Box

Foldable reusable shopping bag inside an Integrated Square Pouch.

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