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What prompted our innovation...

Our owner tried to find a solution to protect her infant from germs following the COVID-19 lock downs in 2020. Looking for baby masks, stroller, pram and buggy covers, even car seat covers, she was unable to find anything suitable in the market that combined anti-bacterial and anti-viral repellency properties – from here the idea was born.

With a sustainable sourcing approach, the team at Peace of Mind have created a product that has the protective qualities using a network of experts throughout the supply chain. This has led to a brand that enables parents to feel safe when taking their infants into crowded environments and when travelling by with their young children on public transport systems, private taxi services and on airplanes.

With our custom-made ‘Protektive Textile’, the business is focused on giving consumers worry-free, peace of mind for themselves and their family when outside of their home.

Our ethos

A go-to, trusted brand, created by parents for parents, producing custom designed everyday reusable textile products that we enhance with anti-microbial properties that prevent the build up of ‘nasties’.

Powered HeiQ Viroblock

Your Peace of Mind is at the heart of our business…

We strive to make our products as safe as possible. For our baby and toddler care range that starts with our custom made ‘Protektive Textile’.

We pride ourselves on the fact that throughout its development each of our suppliers and partners have been carefully selected for their comprehensive credentials and alignment to our business values. What’s more our testing goes above and beyond standard requirements so as to ensure the protective and safety properties our fabric and our products.

  • Protektive Textile is lightweight and reusable
  • Protektive Textile is soft to the touch and neutral to the the eye
  • Protektive Textile is machine washable
  • Protektive Textile is resistant to general wear and tear

What are the benefits of Protektive Textile?

Protektive Textile is a custom...

designed fabric made to the highest standards by a chain of certified manufacturers, with every step of its development thoughtfully considered through the eyes of a mother.

Protektive Textile is a sustainably...

focused blended fabric, which is both breathable fire resistant

Protektive Textile is certified...

free from harmful substances and chemicals.

Protektive Textile is powered by...

HeiQ Viroblock an award winning antiviral and antimicrobial technology which inhibits and neutralises the growth of germs on the fabric’s surface in minutes, minimising the carryover and spread of viruses such as influenza, coronavirus and bacteria including Staph A and E-Coli.

Protektive Textile is treated...

with BIONIC-FINISH® ECO, a technology for ecologically treating products to become water repellent by mimicking nature, adding a level of comfort and breathability to our fabric. 

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