VirusShield Stroller Cover

349 AED

VirusShield Universal Travel Stroller Cover and Dry Weather Shield

Universal travel stroller cover with antibacterial and antiviral properties. This product can fit most popular travel buggy, pram and stroller brands and customers of ours have even be used it  for airplane bassinets, and carseat covering.

With COVID-19, influenza and other viruses a threat to infants health this cover provides a protective barrier when you are in public spaces and travelling.

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Product Features

  • Single layer Protektive Textile material
  • Elastic loop fastening to securely fasten the cover to your stroller
  • Mesh covered peep hole
  • Cover flap for added dust protection or when child is sleeping
  • Machine washable
  • Free from Harmful chemicals and substances
  • ISO 18184:2019 ( AntiViral Activity) tested
  • ISO 20743: 2013 (AntiMicrobial Activity) tested
  • Color: White with grey stripe

Product Benefits

  • Simple, no fuss design
  • AntiMicrobial, Antiviral and Water Repellant properties

What's In The Box

  • Drawstring Pouch with ViroBlock Stroller Cover
  • VirusShield Stroller Cover Dimensions: Height: 119cm | Width: 65cm | Weight: 0.215kg
  • Delivery Package Dimensions: Depth: 18cm | Height: 6cm | Width: 23cm | Weight: 1.215kg

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