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1 Feb 2022 | News

Given the rise in cases globally in the past few months of Covid-19, mothers can be expected to be feeling nervous about taking their under three-year-olds out and about.

With the older children now working on a hybrid model of education across the region, the need for removing the distraction of the younger siblings is paramount. Peace of Mind products has these tips to make your trips less stressful:

1. Planning trip timing

Avoiding busy times is easier when you have young children as they wake early, which fortunately (or unfortunately for your shut eye) allows you to go out when the restaurants, stores and supermarkets are less busy. In the weekdays, these locations are not too crowded before 3pm, where as in the weekend pre 1pm is the best time to be out and about – leaving your afternoons for time by the pool or playdates with friends.

2. Dining outside

When dining, especially when the weather is not too hot, outside spaces are recommended. They allow for better air circulation and in most places allow for the table to be a little bit further apart from other diners.

3. Back to school family protection

With your older children going to school each day, you need to ensure they get into the habit of sanitising when they arrive home. Have a bottle of sanitiser by the door or in your car if you are collecting them and ensure they clean their hands before touching the infants face. It is exciting for them to see their siblings so having a routine of sanitisation as they walk in the door ensures they are protecting their family as well


4. Change your mask and sanitise your hands frequently

Think about protecting yourself as well as your children. The virus can be transferred from person to person through touch as well. We recommend sanitising your hands and changing your mask before removing a stroller or buggy cover.

5. Peace of Mind VirusShield Stroller Cover

Our universal buggy and pram cover fits most leading infant brands travel products. Constructed with our unique ‘Protektive Textile’ it is made to form a barrier from all those nasties including covid-19, influenza and other viruses. It is secured using elastic ties and has a mesh peep hole to allow you to see your child while they are protected.

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