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When is Eid Al Fitr 2022 and where can I travel with kids from the UAE?

Here are our Top places, within a four hour flight time of the UAE, to go with your young family over the Eid break. This year the UAE break is from the 2nd – 5th May 2022 depending on the sighting of the moon.

Amman, Jordan

Stay close to home in the city and do day trips to get out and see the sights. For this trip you need to make sure that your children do not get car sick as this trip will involve some travel once you have landed for day trips. With this holiday you can have it all. A city break in Amman gives you a family base. Spend time in the city and take in the Roman ruins, experience some great souk and street side shopping in Al Balad and spend a few hours at the Children’s Museum at King Hussein Park is a winner where they can dress up and play with all of the interactive exhibits.

For a day trip, take in Petra. The drive is 2.5 hours, so hire the car to collect you early and pack snacks. Petra with a stroller is a no-go so you need to be able to carry babies and toddlers and ensure your older kids are entertained with games of hide and seek throughout the experience as there is a lot of walking, but it is definitely worth it.

Tblisi, Georgia

With the weather still on the cool side, Tbilisi is perfect for a four day break. It is a walking city with many of the attractions outdoors allowing you to breathe in the fresh air while making the most of the city. There is lots of parks and children play areas, especially down by the river. They are the perfect mid day resting point to grab a takeaway lunch and sit and relax while the kids play.

The restaurant scene in Tblisi is really up and coming, we recommend a late lunch in the upmarket restaurant VERIKO, in Petriashvili Street. The food is amazing (it has a refined take on many local dishes that are worth tasting) and it is has an outdoor balcony beyond which the kids can play.


Sandy beaches, kids pools and lazy days….If you are looking for a break this is a must do. Whilst it is tempting to book the villas on the water, there are no balconies or rails so with young kids you are best to stay on land. A holiday here is is made for building sand castles, relaxing inside the kids pool under the shade and having long lazy afternoons in the room while the babies are sleeping.

We recommend you bring all toiletries and formula etc for the baby as some locations are isolated and it is not very easy to top up on the specific supplies. There are also nanny and babysitting services on offer at every hotel, if you have a routine based approach to life, this will be ideal for you to have a few hours in the afternoon and then the evenings (if you have the energy) to enjoy your selves while the services look after your sleeping baby/toddlers.

Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey has a large family population meaning that Istanbul, the capital city, is well developed for families and kids activities and facilities. Couple the cultural offering of this ancient city with the food and sea air means that this is a city break that has a bit of everything. It is often advised to break up a long weekend in Istanbul with a night or two on Prince’s Island (a short boat trip across the water) where the pace of life is more relaxed and most hotels have pools.

The island also has a lovely 4km walk which you can take advantage of with the buggy when the kids a tired. Back on the mainland, there is the cruises within in the Bosphorus, take some bread with you and feed the birds while you enjoy the breeze and take in the sights. For entertainment between shopping the souks and tasting the best of the bakeries that are on every street, visit the Istanbul Aquarium and spoil yourselves with a Turkish Hamman.

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