A breathable, antiviral and antibacterial stroller cover

For parents. By parents

A breathable, antiviral and antibacterial stroller cover

Powered HeiQ Viroblock

For parents. By parents

Scientifically Tested By Independently Accredited Laboratories





Fire Resistant

Invented by a germ and safety conscious Mum with a baby born in the Corona Virus era.

Scientifically Tested

Tested and safe protective stroller cover for your baby.


See through mesh covered peek-a-boo hole so that your baby can see out and you can see in.


Cover flap for added protection when in close proximity spaces such lifts and airplanes or when your child is sleeping.

Easy and Secure

Elastic and velcro attachments for easy and secure fastening to your stroller frame.

Fitting for all

Universal fit – compatible with most travel strollers.

The Peace of Mind VirusShield Stroller Cover powered by HeiQ Viroblock is:

  • Lightweight and reusable
  • Soft to the touch and neutral to the the eye
  • Machine washable*
  • Resistant to general wear and tear

*Independent testing conducted on the VirusShield Travel Stroller Cover showed 99.9% efficacy even after 10+ laundries  (ISO 6330 4G). To prolong the protective nature of the product, gentle washing up to 60 degrees is recommended on a limited basis.

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